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A warm welcome to the all in blog

All In aims to communicate the distinct benefits of being a member of Ipswich Building Society. Without our members there is no Ipswich Building Society, that’s why we want our savings and mortgage holders to understand that they own the business, embrace this and then become more involved in their Society. Your Society has a nifty diagram that explains how the Society operates and how members own the business.

Whilst it’s essential to understand the nuts and bolts of how we operate and the enhanced status our members have over that of customers in other organisations, it’s the real life experiences of our members that really counts. We have some great stories from members about their relationship with the Society and we’d love you to contribute some more.

Generally, members highlight the advantages of membership and reveal what a sociable lot we are too. That’s a fact born out by the popularity of our exclusive member events. If you haven’t been on one yet, be sure to take a look at the current calendar. Or to get a flavour of a typical event, have a browse through the past event reviews. It's great to meet members and discuss their relationship with their local branch, feedback such as this is vital to ensure we can continually improve our services to members. We’re now publishing our latest satisfaction results so our members can easily check on our service performance.

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    Welcome one and all...

    I’m really fired up about ALL IN and with good reason. We’re justly proud of our members at Ipswich Building Society and we’re going further than any other building society to make being a member really matter to everyone. There are massive benefits in developing our ideas about membership not just for members, but for the Society and for the communities we live in.

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    Did you know Orford has a lighthouse?

    Did you know Orford has a lighthouse? Of the forty of us who went to tour the site I suspect I may have been the only one not to know it was there, imperiled sentinel, by the sea.

    Personally, I’m not very keen on sea journeys (or heights) so this was not a natural favourite for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. It just goes to show what incredible and little known places there are all over the region.

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    It’s amazing how much good it does just being there.

    Volunteering is way of making a difference in our communities that never ceases to amaze me. The incredible thing is that you can do a lot without it taking over your life. Stacey from our Sudbury branch is volunteering on the beat with Sudbury street watch.

    See her story to hear how people value the presence of a caring eye and a hi-viz jacket.

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    Pond patrol

    On a cool, autumnal morning in early September, we ventured deep into the woods of Orwell Country Park to help safeguard a precious and endangered habitat.

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