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We’re here

In the next three years – up to 30 November 
Strategic direction
2016 – we intend to continue growing

our business, but to do so by occupying
Managing costs and capital
a distinctive position in the UK financial 
Carefully managing costs, and building our 
services market.
capital reserves through retained profit is central 
to our three-year strategy. We need a sound 

We’re still here to make it easier for people to buy financial platform for sustainable growth.

a home and save for the future, and we’ll continue 
Consumer relevance
to reinvest our profits in the business to expand 
We also recognise that continuing success will 
our services, improve our competitiveness and to 
benefit our members and the community.
substantially rely on our ability to differentiate 

ourselves in the market. We will do this through 
But our difference is an ethical one. We believe relevant products, good service and being a 

in the importance of supporting communities, in responsible business.

providing the financial products they need, in 
Pride in our business
taking an individual approach to lending, and in 
Similarly, it is important that we encourage long- 
giving back – not just through interest on savings, 
but in financial support, environmental good term members, good relationships with brokers, 

practice, and care for the welfare of staff and the and proud and fulfilled employees. We want 
people to be proud of their relationships with us, 
more vulnerable members of our society.
based on meeting our shared interests and on 

mutual respect.


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