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Introducing a new IT system

Successful implementation of the new system
Our new IT platform will support the 
is the key priority for us in the short term. In 
new technology that we need
October 2013 we successfully managed the first 

As reported to our members last year, in 2012 we part of the change by moving our network and 
were advised by our IT supplier that they wished 
desktop services. The success of this project has 
to exit the IT support services market, a move demonstrated the Society’s ability to deal with 

which impacted us and a number of other Building large complex projects.

Societies. Subsequently three Societies, including 
Our new IT platform will support the new 
ourselves, have agreed to work together in 
technology that we need for the future.
choosing a new supplier and implementing a new 
IT system. This has allowed us to recruit more and 
Following it’s implementation, our intention is to 
better qualified advice than might otherwise have 
focus upon delivering an online savings service.
been the case, as well as make cost savings.


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