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Introducing the 

Board of Directors

Our Board comprises people with the appropriate range of skills, bringing wide and varied commercial 
experience to meet the needs of the Society. All our Non-Executive Directors are independent, in both 

character and judgement - they have no relationships or circumstances which could interfere with their ability 

to represent our members.

E. Sarah Evans, Chairman

• Appointed to the Board in 2008 and Chairman from March 2013

• Chartered Accountant and a former partner in Ernst & Young, Board Risk, 
Chairman’s and 
specialising in financial crime and regulatory investigations
• Chairman of the Trustees of the Ipswich Building Society Pension 
& Life Assurance Scheme

• Non-Executive Chairman of The International Exhibition Co-operative 

Wine Society (“the Wine Society”)

Derek Bowden
, Deputy Chairman

• Appointed to the Board in 2006 and Deputy Chairman from 2011
Board Risk, Audit 

• Chief Executive of Essex Cricket
and Compliance, 

• Formerly Derek held senior posts at Saatchi & Saatchi and then Remuneration 
joined Ipswich Town Football Club as Chief Executive

Kieron Blackburn, Finance Director (Executive Director) 

• Appointed Finance Director in 2008

Board Risk, Assets 
• Chartered Accountant and Chartered Banker
and Liabilities, 
• Formerly he spent 12 years at Nationwide Building Society Retail Credit Risk, 

• Kieron has served 30 years with the Territorial Army
Operational Risk 


Alan Harris, Non-Executive Director

• Appointed to the Board in 2011.

• Chartered Insurer and a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute
Board Risk 

• Former Operations Director of NFU Mutual and ex Chief Executive of Chairman’s and 
Avon Insurance Plc.
Nominations, Retail 
Credit Risk
• Non-Executive roles at three Aegon companies, Senior Adviser on 
Strategy at Clyde and Co. and Governor and Director of Prince 

Henry’s High School Academy Trust.


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