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Mortgage Market Review. Our sickness levels are Looking ahead
1.40% and our staff turnover levels are at 9.48%.
The Board has approved a new three-year corporate 

strategy from December 2013. 2014 will be a year 
We also recruited our first Graduate Intern as a where we complete our IT project, whilst ensuring 
fully paid employee. During the year we invested
continuity of services for our members. We plan to 
in additional staff to increase our capacity and 
deliver a profit each year building our core Tier 1 
skills range; this included the appointment of a
new General Manager Marketing to the Executive capital. It has become apparent that our previous IT 
arrangement had seen us secure this provision well 
Team, a Head of Finance and a new role of Head 
below the market rate; as a result we face higher 
of Customer Services. We also saw our Apprentices 
costs in the future. The new three year plan includes 
continue to develop and add value to the business.
costs for the implementation of the IT project and its 

continuing costs. We have identified in the plan the 
Corporate social responsibility
need to reduce our overall cost base by 2016 whilst 
We have continued our focus to be a ‘good 
corporate citizen’. This includes our work with also steadily growing the business.

employees to improve their health and well-being, 

through to our use of solar panels to light our 

offices (saving over £6,100 in 2013), recycling of 
our office waste, the secure recycling of our old IT 

equipment, our work to help others with financial 

education, and our involvement in local community 
projects. In 2013 we provided a total of 695 hours 

through work sponsored volunteering and financial 

education sessions.

We supported a number of organisations 

throughout the year, funding a total of £33,894 for 
local good causes. We also donated £3,606 to a 

number of charities.

In addition to this we have continued our support 

of our Charitable Foundation, providing a 

further £5,000 used to provide grants to local 
community organisations.

You can visit our website – to find out 
more about these activities. No contributions were 

made for political purposes.


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