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Looking after our staff

‘Best Companies’ gives us a Star Financial Apprenticeships

We were awarded a 1 Star accreditation in the
We welcomed two new young people onto 

‘Best Companies to Work For’ scheme for the our apprenticeship scheme – three more have 

second consecutive year. This is an independent completed their training and are now full time 
award based upon the responses our employees employees.

provided to a survey. It is the HR equivalent of a 

Michelin star.

A healthy business benefits all 

Our healthy workplace strategy is paying off in 

greatly reduced sickness, increased staff retention 
and lower recruitment costs to say nothing of how 

good we feel for all the pedometer challenges, 

cycling, marathon running, zip wire challenging, 

yoga and healthy eating.

Matthew Hancock MP for West Suffolk 

and Minister for Skills meets our Apprentices

Satisfied staff stay with Society 

This year we celebrated the long service of
Michelle Knights and Ian Brighton (10 years), 

Marie Spencer, Roger Callaby, Suzanne 

Woodard, Sarah Strasser, Jane Driver, Sally 

Ingham, Wendy Deakin (15 years), Jean Parker 

(25 years), Liz Fosdike (30 Years), and Bob Gullett 

who retired after 40 years of service. 9

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