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framework relative to the Society’s activities; review the adequacy and quality 

of the risk management function; and review the effectiveness of the risk 


 Develop the ICAAP and ILSA and recommend for Board approval annually;

 Develop the Society’s Strategic Risk Register including an assessment of the

controls and mitigations described for those risks identified;

 Provide oversight and approve the stress testing framework for use within the

ICAAP, Going Concern, and Corporate Plan;

 Review results of stress testing and reverse stress testing and ensure

continued development of the suite of tests to ensure they remain robust and


 Review and monitor any Risk Mitigation Plans requested by the PRA or FSA.

Assets and Executive Management of:
The committee 

Directors,  Wholesale Credit risk;
meets monthly

Executive  Liquidity risk;

Type of Managers and at  Market risk.

Committee: least one non- 


director. Finance 

staff attend.

Retail Credit Risk
Executive Management of:
The committee 

Directors,  Retail Credit risk;
meets monthly

Type of Executive  Mortgage concentration risk.

Committee: Managers and 

one non- 



Mortgage staff 


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