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Savings Accounts

Here today, gone tomorrow... sounds like spending rather than saving.

But the dynamic nature of demand and interest rates means we change our savings products frequently.

One thing you can be sure of... we will always be clear about changes to terms and conditions, interest rates and availability of savings products from Ipswich Building Society.

  • Cash ISAs

    With a Cash New Individual Savings Account (ISA/NISA), interest on your savings is paid tax free with a maximum investment of £20,000 per tax year. (£4,128 for Junior ISAs.)

  • Savings Accounts

    Regular Savings

    Regular savers know how good it feels to put a little away each month and reap the reward of interest on top. To help spread the cost of expensive items such as a holiday, new car or Christmas, saving a regular monthly amount can help reach your goal without the worry of paying off a debt.

  • Savings Accounts

    Easy Access

    Easy access accounts are useful if you want to save a little regularly, or need somewhere to place some funds in the short term. Equally good if you think you might need to raid your savings from time to time.

    Our easy access savings accounts offer different ways to save and manage your savings.

  • Savings Accounts

    Fixed Rate Savings Accounts

    Fixed rate savings, normally for one or two years, give you a predictable outcome for your money. Although not always the highest rates around, it enables you to see exactly what your money will earn during the fixed rate period.

  • Savings Accounts


    With us, everyone counts - even before they can add up. Our range of children's products are designed to ensure children themselves have the opportunity to learn about saving, and spending money, and also provide family members with the chance to save up a nest egg over a longer period of time.

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