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Ipswich Building Society has maintained a strong, consistent performance in 2017.

Alan Low Res

We ended the year with a £44m increase in mortgage assets, an increase in retail savings balances of £26m, total Regulatory Capital increased to £34m and achieved a healthy profit of £3.1m (before tax).

Alan Harris, Chairman

Fanned out IBS AR 2017

Key Results

  • Total mortgage assets £521m (2016: £477m)
  • Total savings balances £567m (2016: £541m)
  • Total profit (before tax) £3.1m (2016: £2.6m)

Capital Performance

  • Total Regulatory Capital £34m (2016: £32m)
  • Gross capital and free capital as a percentage of share and deposit liabilities stood at 5.68% (2016: 6.03%) and 5.05% (2016: 5.27%) respectively

Arrears and Possessions

  • Mortgage accounts where the level of arrears were the equivalent of more than 12 monthly payments: 5 (2016: 5)
  • Properties in possession: 5  (4 of which are under offer) (2016:8)

Key Performance Indicators



Profit before tax

 Regulatory Capital

Mortgage Assets 

Management Expenses

Retail savings balances 

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.