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Ipswich Building Society launches 'My Puppy: Maths and Money' app to improve children's financial literacy


 22 January 2014

Ipswich Building Society launches 'My Puppy: Maths and Money' app to improve children's financial literacy

- 'My Puppy: Maths and Money' now available for free on the Apple App store

- Find out more about the app:

Just as research shows that a quarter of British children under eight own a tablet* device, Ipswich Building Society has launched its first family-related app. Aimed at primary-age school children and their parents, 'My Puppy: Maths and Money' gives players the chance to guide a virtual puppy through a series of entertaining, puzzling and fun tasks.

Key Features of 'My Puppy: Maths and Money':

  • The aim of the game is for the child to use their skills and knowledge to earn Puppy Pounds and save these at the Building Society. They can then earn interest and/or purchase items in the shop for their puppy.
  • The games help children to develop an understanding of how money works and help them to recognise different coins. As well as establishing an understanding of budgeting and saving.

APP-2-webThe 'My Puppy: Maths and Money' app aims to improve financial literacy throughout the UK and within its heartland area of Suffolk and the East of England, the Society has also identified a local level need to support financial education, particularly among younger children. It already runs 'Money Days' in primary schools, teaching Year 2 children about finance through stories, games and creative play.

Louise Swindlehurst, a primary school teacher comments: "My Puppy: Maths and Money is a fantastic interactive learning aid. I'm a mum to two boys and they loved the games and the rewards for completing the different tasks. I'm looking to introduce it to my class at school. It's a good way to grab their attention and make financial learning a little more interesting."

Paul Winter, Ipswich Building Society, Chief Executive,commented:

"We're serious about improving financial literacy in Suffolk and the UK. We think it's vital that every primary school aged child should know the value of money and reasons to save for the future. We set out to combat the issue in a fun and informative way and that's why we created our 'My Puppy: Maths and Money' app.I've already started playing it with my eldest grandchild."

*USwitch survey 16th January 2014

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