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Suffolk Building Society

Ipswich Building Society to become Suffolk Building Society.

In November we're changing our name.


It is a new name to make us more appealing across the county we call home – and an old name to stay true to our roots.

In 1849 we were founded as the ‘Ipswich and Suffolk Permanent Benefit Building Society’ and over our 170 years have dedicated ourselves to protecting the money of generations, for generations, with a continuing physical presence on high streets across the region.

Looking to the future we will be exploring new ways to serve more members and grow independently and responsibly; increasing the availability of our services through online access; supporting the financial needs of people throughout Suffolk.

It is a new name that’s inclusive, connecting to a broader community – and an old name that marks our historic commitment to the county we serve.

Whilst so much has changed in the last 170 years, we remain proud of our home and the people who make it. Proud of our values and way of life.

We are where we’re from. We’re Suffolk through and through.



Latest updates

We'll update this page with the latest updates about our name change, and existing members will be notified in our monthly email newsletter, Freehold Post. If you don't already receive this monthly email roundup please contact us to sign up.


Our name through the ages

1849: Ipswich and Suffolk Permanent Benefit Building Society and Ipswich and Suffolk Freehold Land Society established

1969: ‘Permanent Benefit’ cut from the name, resulting in Ipswich & Suffolk Building Society

1975: Took in Ipswich & District Building Society, resulting in Ipswich Building Society

2021: Name change to Suffolk Building Society


Member vote

At our 170th AGM held on 25 March 2020, 92.8% of members who voted were in favour of our name change.


What our members say about a change to Suffolk Building Society

“For over 50 years we have been members of the Society. We consider the name change will attract new members from across the county of Suffolk as it better reflects where the Society trades.We think this is a positive step for ‘our Society’ and one that we should all support.”

Les and Linda, Ipswich

“If the ‘Suffolk’ is to expand, but more fundamentally retain the individuality of the whole region, then the name change is not such a bad idea but an excellent idea. Banks and building societies are closing branches and amalgamating and the people of ‘Suffolk’ can now look to invest in, not a county town, but a great county name and put it on the map.”

KIT, Suffolk

“I think the name change reflects the Society’s desire to appeal to, and be more inclusive to, an ever expanding community across our county.”

Val Lockwood, Suffolk

“I believe the name change is beneficial to our society. The new name Suffolk Building Society will show that it encompasses all the peoples of Suffolk and not just Ipswich and its environs. We believe members will largely support the change and we would like to say to other members: The Suffolk Building Society has successfully served ourforebears; let us ensure its continued success for the generations to come.”

B and M of Rushmere St Andrew

“Although always served well by the Society, we are not from Ipswich, but now feel more included in its name change, and think other members will too. A truly forward-thinking Society!”

Mr and Mrs W, Suffolk

“The change of name reflects the wider community served by the Society and it will help to focus the centre of activity across the county for all members.”

MF, Woodbridge

“The name Suffolk Building Society conveys a stronger image, is a statement of confidence in thefuture of the Society and encompasses a wider membership base. The new name will make residents of Suffolk feel ‘part of the family’ and therefore more supportive of ‘their local Society’. I think members will embrace the new name – it shows confidence to move forward without losing the ‘local’ identity and Iook forward to a continued and prosperous future.”

Paul Fox, Suffolk

“This will incorporate all areas of the county not just appear local to Ipswich, helping all areas of Suffolk feel included and spreading the customer base, adding new clients and suggesting a bigger Society for all. We must be allowed to grow to survive.”

Mr and Mrs M, Suffolk

“We feel that as long-term members - we joined in 1987! - it is an apt name change which will benefit all throughout Suffolk. I’m sure like us, members will be happy to embrace this change, and the future developments it will bring for all.”

Mr & Mrs Gardiner, Suffolk

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