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Wherever you start with Ipswich Building Society, we want you to go further.

We encourage personal and professional development throughout our organisation, and offer opportunities for growth and change.

There are a wealth of different career paths here, and opportunities to find your own direction, supported by us.

We offer opportunities for school leavers, apprenticeships, and graduate entry as well as those making a career change, or returning to work after raising a family.


Working in a Building Society to most people sounds a lot like banking and finance, numbers, spreadsheets and little else. But like any other business it requires a whole range of skills and talents, for example in IT, marketing, relationship management, HR, and so on.

The following sections give a better idea of the range of careers at Ipswich Building Society.

Customer Service

As a mutual organisation, our greatest responsibility is to our members. More than half of us are devoted to the member-facing side of the business.Looking after members takes place in branches and on the phone for mortgage enquiries (we also like to meet people applying for a mortgage).

Although we may look alike, Ipswich Building Society branches are quite unlike the average high street bank. The most noticeable difference is that when we talk to members we’re thinking about them, and not about a sales target. The emphasis is on service rather than sales.

There is potential for progression toward branch management, or moving into a different part of the organisation. Many branch employees find the idea of getting to know members and getting involved in the community enjoyable and fulfilling.

Specialist Roles

Financial services is a constantly shifting landscape in which the basic ‘products’ change shape continually. Although Ipswich Building Society has a relatively simple business model – primarily offering mortgages and savings products – the type of products on offer changes frequently.

A team of people in broadly technical roles analyse the market, what our members need and the financial data the business produces to adjust our product range. There are also technical roles in underwriting (assessing risks and advising on lending), product development, and managing mortgage intermediaries.

Financial services is also a tightly regulated market, where compliance with government regulations is taken very seriously. We also have a department concerned with regulatory compliance and risk management in the business.

Business Support

Every business needs a team of people supporting its operations. We try hard to keep the administration to a minimum as this is a cost that affects the value we are able to offer members. Nevertheless, it is essential to guide the business and ensure that we are able to operate efficiently.

There are roles in finance (financial management and accounts), marketing, IT, HR, facilities management and administrative support.

Of course there are roles like these in every business, but we think that because of our culture, ethos and values we have something very special to offer here.


We are a values-driven business.

Work is no fun if you’re not performing how you’d like to. It’s much better when you feel involved, engaged, and fulfilled.

We operate a performance management programme, called Valuing Individual Performance (VIP), which is linked to the Society’s business goals and departmental plans.

The corporate objective is to ensure that everyone is contributing to achieving our vision for the Society.

On an individual level, our programme is designed to help everyone do their best, and increase their enjoyment and fulfilment of working with Ipswich Building Society.

development illustration

VIP sets targets, tracks and supports
individual and team performance


Being a regulated market, in which people rely on your advice in selecting often complex financial products, it is one in which specialised knowledge is vital.

We encourage professional qualifications where there is a need or a value in having them for the role you occupy. Staff who undertake a professional qualification that applies to their current or future job role are eligible for funding for the course, study texts and registration fees. We also award a financial bonus on successful completion of a qualification.

We also run regular training wither in the office or online to meet regulatory needs on subjects like money laundering and data protection, and health and safety.

Less obviously, as a service-driven business, we also train people in such things as sign language.


As part of the National Apprenticeship Scheme we regularly employ apprentices to gain experience of the working environment, whilst achieving a recognised qualification.

We usually take on several apprentices per year - in the past we have had apprentices working towards qualifications in Banking, Business Administration, Marketing, IT and Finance.

General application requirements are 5 GCSEs (grade C or equivalent) or above, including English and Maths - but not always compulsory.

We aim to offer apprentices a permanent job at the end of their course.


Internships are available for undergraduates studying a relevant subject to degree level.

We offer internships generally up to three months which can be taken in any department. The work is often project based, where as an intern you will have one or more large pieces of work to manage during your time with us.

Internships are always advertised through our recruitment mini site, where detailed terms and conditions are published.

We don’t hold with unpaid internships, always offering a generous package in recognition of the valuable help you give our organisation.


We offer work experience placements to local schools for students under 16.

We offer these placements during the usual period between April and October each year. Enquiries should be made initially through
your school.

We generally take a number of placements each year, and in some cases work experience students have chosen to work here after
they have left school.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.