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Illustration of Fraud Warning
Posted: 26th Mar 2018

Fraudsters are developing more cunning ways to persuade people over the phone to transfer money to other accounts or to hand over cash, cheques or account documents directly to a courier. Remember that in no circumstances would the police or your bank/building society ask you to take such actions.

Stay one step ahead with these tips:
•    The police will never ask you to become part of an undercover fraud investigation or withdraw money from your account
•    If you have to transfer a large sum of money be sure that you know the person or company receiving it is genuine
•    A fraudster may know your personal details, such as your name and address, from publicly available data. Make sure you keep passwords/PINs secure - never share them with anyone. Your bank / building society will never ask you to disclose your full passwords.
•    Be cautious if you receive any unexpected emails or texts containing suspicious links or attachments, or claims that you are owed money. Some fake emails can be very convincing.

If you become suspicious of a cold call, hang up and wait five minutes or more before making another outgoing call - they may stay on the line. You can then call the police or the genuine bank / building society number, found within your customer documentation, to report it. You could also consider using another line, such as a mobile phone, to make this call.

If you have been asked to withdraw money from an account, or told over the phone that you are a victim of fraud and must take corrective action, you should take the same steps to inform your bank / building society immediately, either in person or by using a different phone line such as a mobile.

For more information about protecting yourself from scams and protecting your personal and financial information click here to visit Citizens Advice.

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