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Are you a retired or older borrower?
Posted: 27th Mar 2015

We carried out some research with a representative sample of over 2,000 UK adults to investigate their opinions about getting a mortgage after the age of 60 and in retirement. The results highlight that many people will still require a mortgage in their later years but that they believe the numbers of providers and products available to them will be reduced. Some people are also concerned that they will have to pay a higher mortgage rate as a result of their age.

At Ipswich Building Society, we can't promise to lend to everybody over 60 but we do understand that many people of this age are still working, have a healthy pension income, investments or inheritance, which could be used to repay a mortgage. With the average age expectancy increasing we have taken the decision to remove the cap on our age limit - therefore no matter how old (or young) you feel, you won't be restricted by our lending criteria.

Every mortgage application is reviewed by our expert team so we are able to take your individual circumstrances in to consideration - you won't be turned down because 'a computer says no'.

So whether you're over 60, over 70 or more and looking to take out a mortgage - we will do our very best to help you.

We don't specifically have products aimed at older borrowers (as all of our mortgages are available to those in retirement), but see our older borrowers video for more information about how our Retirement Mortgage Programme helped a borrower who was unable to access a new deal with their existing lender.

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