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Ipswich Building Society Beats National Trends

As a member-owned building society we measure success in different ways from public companies with shareholders. But we still compare our performance to national benchmarks. It gives us a good picture of the health of the Society.

How we out-performed the market

Whilst the national market slowly started to recover we grew our mortgage book, majority funded by our savers. We've helped local first time buyers by individually underwriting mortgage applications and offering realistic products.
Looking after your core. Is there something unusual about the prudence of the East Anglians? We have remained an attractive place for savers.
As people feel the pinch, we're here to help give more to our local communities. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our staff and our own corporate charity donations we gave more to good causes.
In 2012, we were recognised for our commitment to our members, staff and local communities with 7 awards. We believe in supporting our people to start and develop a career.
226hrs Volunteering, 309hrs School money days








Ipswich Building Society is proud to announce that we're in good health after probably our most successful year since we formed in 1849. These graphics highlight how we have out-performed the markets in respect of our mortgage lending, retail savings balances and charitable giving. It also shows the awards we have won or been recognised for and our commitment to staff development.

We are particularly pleased that once again our mortgage lending has proved to be very strong. Mortgage balances increased by 65.3m, or 16.4%, on the previous year. Exceptional performances when the market as a whole has grown by just 3.3%. We have achieved this without compromising our credit quality.

In 2012, 13.6% of our total lending was to first time buyers, a significant 51% increase over the previous year, supporting our mission that everybody should have the opportunity to own their own homes.

Despite the competitive nature of the savings market, the Society continues to grow retail balances, 98% of which is funded by retail share and deposit balances, whilst maintaining an 89% retention ratio of existing savers.

During the year we supported many local organisations that engage in activities to enrich community life within our region. The Society's branches are also used as collection points for charitable appeals.