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A guide to who can attend
Member Events

Our member events are proving very successful and demand for places is increasing. It’s fantastic that the word is spreading about our member events and we’re seeing more and more members coming along and sharing unique local experiences with other members.

But, like all good things in life these days, we do need to make sure that it's just our members that are able to enjoy these events - otherwise it's not much of a member benefit!

Here's a guide to who's eligible to attend (it's very short, so bear with us):

  • All members can attend a member event; they do not need to be a voting member. In this instance, we class members as anyone named on a savings or mortgage account with us.
  • Those who are not members cannot attend, for example a husband cannot bring his wife unless she is named on an account with us, either as an individual or joint account holder. He can however, encourage her to open an account for as little as £10!
  • The only exemptions are events aimed at families where children hold an account but not the parents/guardians or vice versa. Parents/guardians will be allowed to attend family events alongside their children. This also applies to those with disabilities who require carer support at an event.

Thankfully, that's the small print out of the way - so we can carry on with enjoying the exciting events programme we've lined up for you.

Thank you.

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