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Jo, Brand and Community Senior Manager, and Lapwing Suffolk fundraiser


Somehow I’ve found myself leaving one office job for another, but the rewards are completely different and totally worth it.

I've been volunteering since 2010, previously helping out at EACH and now I'm a proud volunteer at Lapwing Suffolk. I help their stretched Communications and Fundraising Manager, by contributing ideas, attending meetings and also putting in some hard graft, of course.

I chose Lapwing because I am a supporter of what they do. From their office in Martlesham they provide individual learning programmes for young people who have complex barriers to learning, and transform the futures of their students by keeping the door to learning open – and designing inspiring, individual and appropriate plans for each young person.

I very much enjoy what I'm doing for Lapwing, however varied it gets, and I think that's an important thing to think about if you're thinking about choosing to volunteer. A lot of people think that it's a kind of penance, because it's unpaid or unsociable, or something others don't want to do, but that's not the case for volunteers. There's always an opportunity out there, so if you're thinking about volunteering try thinking about things you enjoy doing or really want to do, that way you're more likely to stick at it. And when you do, it just gets better.


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