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How can you measure the impact of voluntary work?

Volunteering of course means something different to every volunteer. Very often the reasons for doing it are personal, and its effect or benefit is not easily quantified. “It makes me feel better.” “I really appreciate the effort they put in.” “We couldn’t have done it without them.” Such is the personal impact of voluntary work, made more meaningful by how or what as well as who was involved.

One thing we’ve noticed in the course of our volunteering programme, is that organisations we help appreciate any time we put in. It doesn’t have to be a long term commitment. Although, conversely, it is the length of time that seems to reward the volunteers. Over time they feel a closer connection to the cause they’ve helped, and that gets better the more you do it.

At Ipswich Building Society, we give each staff member a half a day off every month to go and volunteer for a cause close to their hearts.

Here, then, for those who like this sort of thing, are the numbers for our staff volunteering programme - and as you can see, the numbers are rising significantly year on year:

2017 (to date)

748 staff volunteer hours and financial education reaching 3,478 students and adults, carried out by 62 members of staff


1,113 staff volunteer hours and 709 hours of financial education carried out by 63 members of staff


984 staff volunteer hours and 698 hours of financial eduation


616 staff volunteer hours and 231 hours of financial education


374.55 staff volunteer hours during work time, from 26 people    


258 staff volunteer hours during work time, carried out by 10 people

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