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Ever thought about owning a business?

As a member of Ipswich Building Society you have a share in the business.

You, and all our other members, are owners of Ipswich Building Society. That is our simple business model, which is only sustained by us attracting and retaining our savers and borrowers.

How membership is a better model for business

Being part of a mutual building society has many benefits, for you, and for your local community.


It's a simple model that's clearly good for members and the business – we lend responsibly, and we reward our savers fairly.

The surplus we make each year goes towards our running costs, to invest in improving services, and to maintain the reserves that ensure our sustainability.

A mutual building society is owned by its members, acts in their interests and in those of the wider community – we all help each other, that's the whole point.


ALL IN is better for all

ALL IN is our way of making the mutual difference real – the difference between being a customer and being a member, or buying a product and having a share.

The different aspects of ALL IN combine to make being a member feel better. They also help keep the Society in great shape, and contribute to a stronger community for everyone.

From having a say in how we're run and helping to improve our products and services, from sharing in our success, to finding new ways to support those who need our help, ALL IN is making membership mean more.

Watch the videos to find out more about what ALL IN means for you.

The videos below explain about ALL IN in more detail. We would love to hear your thoughts about our new membership programme - all you have to do is leave a comment.

We'd like to hear your opinions

Your ideas, views and feedback is vital to our continued success. We're creating new ways to ensure your voice is heard.



We really want you to own the Society

Mutual ownership ensures we continue to act in your interests. As a member, you can monitor our performance and ask questions about how we're run, even vote on important decisions.



We'd love you to get involved

We'd like all our members to be more involved in our business in every way – that's why we launched ALL IN. But one way in particular you could help is by volunteering. It's an important way in which the Society re-invests in the community.



And we want to say thanks!

Our regular calendar of member exclusive events is one way we like to reward our members.



Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.