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80% LTV or 20% deposit mortgages

Mortgages for people with a substantial deposit

If you’ve held a repayment mortgage for a while, you’re more likely to have substantial equity in your property. This means you’re more likely to be in a position to borrow a smaller percentage of the property value if you’re moving home. However, for first time buyers, in today’s economy, it’s a tall order to save a larger deposit of 20% or more with the aim of accessing more competitive interest rates.

At Ipswich Building Society, we offer 80% LTV mortgages for borrowers with a larger deposit as well as those where all or part of the deposit might be a gift from a family member.

Contact Ipswich Building Society if you’re interested in finding out about the mortgages a 20% deposit will grant you access to. Our mortgage consultants get to know you and take the time to understand your financial circumstances before applying their knowledge and experience to help you find out the right mortgage situation for you.

Considerations for an 80% LTV mortgage

Because it’s a larger proportion of the total sum, 20% mortgage deposits are usually most suited to those who are either remortgaging their existing home or moving into their next property. Perhaps your family is growing and you need more space, or you’re looking to move into a more desirable area? It’s rarer, but maybe you’re a first time buyer with a chunky 20% deposit.

Landlords looking for a Buy to Let mortgage should review our range regularly for the latest offers as it varies.

Why should you choose Ipswich Building Society as your mortgage lender?

- We have no shareholders so, unlike a number of other mortgage lenders, all our decisions are made with you and our members in mind.

- We’ve dealt with virtually every possible situation during our 170 years in the mortgage industry, so we know our stuff.

- The skilled, experienced mortgage consultants at Ipswich Building Society take the personal approach to get to know you so they can find your the best mortgage solution.

- We don't use computers to make our lending decisions - all applications are reviewed by our expert mortgage consultants.

To find out more about the 20% deposit mortgages that we offer, give the Ipswich Building Society a call today on 0330 123 0773.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.