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What does remortgaging mean?

Taking out a new mortgage on a property you already own is known as remortgaging. If you are coming to the end of your existing mortgage deal, the new standard variable rate (SVR) is likely to be higher than your old interest rate. Switching to a new provider and a new deal could provide a better rate. If you’re tied into your current mortgage deal, but want to switch, it’s worth checking your numbers as you may have to pay a fee to your existing lender to release their mortgage.

Should I remortgage?

The main reason to remortgage is to save money. The terms of your existing mortgage deal play a big factor in the amount you can potentially save, and we’d strongly recommend you seek independent financial advice before making a decision to help you weigh up the pros and cons (or rather the costs and the savings) to make sure it all adds up to a worthwhile switch.

Your home has significantly increased in value: It could be that the value of your property has risen since you first moved in, and combined with the repayments you’ve already made, you’re now in a lower loan-to-value (LTV) band. This should give you access to lower rates.

Your want to overpay but can’t: If your financial situation improves, you may want to pay extra on your mortgage repayments. This isn’t always possible with every lender but when remortgaging you could choose to pay off some of your loan, bringing down the amount you need to borrow and most likely reducing your monthly repayments and the interest you pay back.

You want to make home improvements: Remortgaging could help you raise funds for home improvements. You may need evidence of quotes for any works, and make sure to take additional fees into account when deciding if it’s worthwhile.

Many of our standard products are available for remortgages as well as new property purchases - refer to the individual product details.

Why remortgage with us?


Competitive products

We have a range of mortgage products that may suit your needs.


Do you have a good credit history?

We don't use automated credit scoring to assess your suitability, but we do expect a good credit history.


Early repayment charges

You can over pay by up to 50% with our mortgages and not incur any early repayment charges. See the tabs above to check this and other charges.

half built

Unusual construction

We know houses, just like people come in all shapes and sizes and materials! We can consider a range of construction types as well as the 'yet to be built'.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.