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Child Trust Funds

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About Child Trust Funds

Child Trust Funds, commonly known as CTFs, were introduced by the government for children born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 as a method of long term, tax free savings. They mature on the account holders’ 18th birthday, when the savings can be accessed.


Unsure where your CTF is held?

If you’re not sure what provider your CTF is saved with, you can visit the government website to locate it. Please ensure you always use the official government website for this service, which is free to use and secure.


If you have a CTF with Ipswich Building Society

If you or your child has a CTF held with us and you are wondering what happen with their savings, we will be writing to all account holders ahead of their 18th birthday. The letter will explain all of the details and comes with a Maturity Instruction Form to complete and return, along with some identification requirements. The outline options for the funds saved include:

  • Withdraw the balance by cheque (funds will lose tax free status)
  • Continue saving tax free in an adult ISA, either with Ipswich Building Society or another provider
  • Withdraw part of the funds and save the rest in a tax free adult ISA

If you have a CTF with us, have reached your 18th birthday and have not received this letter please contact us 0330 123 0723 or email


If your child does not have mental capacity to manage their account

If you believe your child may not have the capacity to make decisions about their account on maturity, you can find out more by visiting the Government website which contains useful information on applying for a Deputyship.


What is an ISA

An ISA (sometimes called NISA) stands for Individual Savings Account. The main difference between an ISA and any other savings account is that it offers tax free interest payments, so you could get more for your money. Tax free means that you will never pay tax on any interest you earn on money saved in an ISA account.
For more information about how a CTF can be reinvested into an adult ISA click below.


Useful InformationDownload
More information about your CTF
Download the investment application form
HMRC: 10 things you need to know about Child Trust Funds Download the investment application form find out where your Child Trust Fund is held
ext link icon find out how to apply for a Deputyship
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Secure Document Upload Facility

If you have received your CTF maturity letter, here is where you need to upload scanned or photo images of your Change of Registered Contact Form, Maturity Instruction Form and Identification, straight from your computer.

Please read the following steps to make sure that we can deal with your instructions as quickly as possible:

  • Step 1    If you are uploading a Change Of Registered Contact Form, make sure you have imaged both sides of the form
  • Step 2    Make sure your images are clear and taken using .jpeg format if you are using your mobile phone
  • Step 3   Make sure images of your identification show the full document including reference numbers, signatures and both pages for a recently issued passport. See our specimen images for driving licence and passport and recently issued passport
  • Step 4    Make sure you name each image with your account number and surname. If you have taken a photo image on your smart phone you will need to download this to your computer so that you can rename your image
  • Step 5    Drag and drop your files direct from your PC folder or use the Add Local File button
  • Step 6    Click the Start Upload button

If you need help, you can contact us on 0330 123 0723 or email


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